Why choose Filove?

When two people fall in love and unite their lives together, the question is not if problems will arise but when. I don’t believe a love relationship exists in which one of the partners doesn’t deeply offend the other from time to time. Arguments and heated debates always have an effect on a relationship; the main thing is the repercussions they might bring to that relationship.

From a personal perspective, I can tell you that at no time during my upbringing was I properly informed about what sort of things you could run up against in a relationship, how to maintain a good relationship or how to get along with your partner. Maybe you, like me, only had parents as an example. My parents divorced. No-one ever taught me how to begin a relationship, how totally different men and women actually are or what to do if a relationship didn’t run smoothly. And what does ‘not run smoothly’ actually mean?

According to the CBS (1) a quarter of all marriages ended in divorce in 1980. Since then the percentage has risen every year. In 2015 about a third of all marriages ended. In Rotterdam couples literally seal their love by hanging padlocks on “de Hoerenloper” (2). It would be interesting to know how many of these couples, whether lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender (lhbt’ers) (3) or heterosexual, are still together at the end of the year, and more importantly, how well the relationship of those that are is fairing.

But at the moment it’s more important to look at how your relationship is fairing. Are you living a quiet and contended life? If so, it could be a threat to love. I challenge you: get the most out of your relationship! Maybe it’s a different situation. For example, you don’t know what (else) you can do to get your relationship back on track, or you’re seriously considering splitting up? Whether problems are big or small, if you don’t examine what’s going wrong or what could be better, what it was that brought the relationship to this point, you will just keep getting more of the same. ‘You get what you deserve’, and you and any children that might be involved will have to live with the consequences.

As is often the case with problems, prevention is better than cure. A timely action-oriented, customised intervention could be the solution. Don’t wait to call in help, don’t continue settling for less; break the cycle! With my knowledge and experience of distress and recovery as a foundation, I would like to help you get your relationship under control and on the right path.