Who is Filove for?

The focus lies, very simply, on solving problems. Attention is not given to uncovering the root of the problem, what happened between the partners or what happenened to one or both of them in the past. All that can be talked about and thought about at length but that doesn’t help us change the relationship. I want to help you clear the path and lead you to the exit. I want to achieve results, that is my motivation. But it only succeeds with your help, so you have to be willing. Willingness is everything.

That sounds easy. You get out of the process what you put in. It’s like training at the gym, and just like a personal trainer my approach is practical and well constructed. I help you get the maximum out of yourself and your relationship, and that effort can sometimes be painful. But you will be pleased with the result. And just as in sport, I can only accompany you so far. It is for that reason that your unconditional effort and commitment are essential. In a warm and sincere way I tell you how I see the issue, what I think is necessary in order to meet both yours and your partner’s needs, and exactly how you can build up or develop the basis of your life to the point of being able to maintain a good healthy relationship. We will unravel any confusion and straighten out any crooked thinking. I don’t use  complicated material to help you but an easy-to-understand wisdom that will surely appeal. You will easily be able to remember your gained knowledge and apply it every day, raising the levels of both you and your relationship. In the future you will recognise situations and be able to find solutions to them yourself.

Dare to do it. Don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity, it is the best present you could give yourself, your partner and any involved children.

Exception and Condition

Filove is for everyone! But there are two conditions:

An exception:

  • If during the preliminary meeting, or at a later stage, it turns out that a problem with one or both partners is so big that normal functioning in daily life is no longer possible, a psychotherapist is the only way forward and I will refer you to one. A psychotherapist focuses mainly on the original underlying problem that will first have to be solved. Moreover, only in such cases can relationship therapy by a psychtherapist be reimbursed, depending on your health insurer. In all other cases it is not. If relationship problems continue to exist without outside help, but you are able to function in daily life, you can certainly come to me. In that case the therapy is not covered by any insurance company.

A condition:

  • In order for me to do my work properly, I expect you to devote the necessary time and energy to the process. Absolute commitment, without any objection or reservation, is an important pre-requisite for achieving the right outcome. Ask yourself if you are prepared for that. If the answer is yes, I am happy to be of service. If your partner does not (yet) want to participate but you do, you have come to the right address. In that case there is much I can do for you that will help you feel considerably better. You will become calmer and more positive, as a result of which your partner will react differently towards you.