Welcome to the Filove website. Ira Slikker is a committed relationship coach who, partly through personal experience, knows how to approach large or small problems in your relationship in a no-nonsense and result-oriented way.

Your relationship is good, but you want to move it on to a higher level or maybe you wish to prevent problems. Your relationship is in trouble and you’ve discovered that love does not conquer all. You have done everything you can to solve the problem, but without success. Maybe you can’t see a way out; maybe you’re tired, disappointed, hurt. External factors or illness can also take their toll. A relationship can become boring, or one of the partners wants to work on the relationship and the other doesn’t. Or maybe you’re already a step further; you’re considering separating, but there’s still a doubt. Maybe you’ve already decided to separate but are stuck in the process. Or maybe you want to ensure the peaceful, smooth-running of the process for the sake of both parties and any involved children. As different as relationships and partners can be, so too are the problems.

Whatever problems there are in your relationship, Filove helps you find solutions.

What does Filove do?

The only difference between your current relationship and the relationship you would really like to have is that you are settling for less. My goal is to together discover where the difference lies, to give you direction and advice, and to help you achieve insight so that by the end of the process with me you will be able to build and maintain a valuable relationship. In the event of children being involved, it is essential to always be aware that your relationship is the most influential factor in their lives. Experiences a child has in the family in which it’s raised have a major effect on who they are and what they will become. Set the example you want them to follow. You raise children to adults who go on to have relationships of their own.

At the end of the process it is also possible that you reach the objective, well-considered conclusion that even though you have done everything you could to save the relationship, it still isn’t working. By that time you would have reached a calmer phase in which you think, feel and act differently. Because of this you are able to confidently end the relationship in a healthy way for all involved. You can face yourself, your partner and any involved children in a way that would have been confrontational had it happened in an earlier phase. What you have learned will also prevent you from making the same mistakes in any future relationship.

In short, Filove helps you to re-align your feelings and your reason with your values and standards so that you know where you stand and are able to make sensible choices and achieve a full and flourishing relationship.